Digital Learners to Leaders

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All Digital Learners to Leaders applications have been reviewed and candidates have been selected and notified. If you were not selected this semester, you are strongly encouraged to apply for Fall Semester 2018. Please check back for updates.

The Digital Learners to Leaders program puts together cross-disciplinary teams of students with leading technology experts to help create solutions to real problems and prepare students for digital professions.

Create Digital Solutions for Change and Develop Professional Skills

Students will use digitization and the “Internet of Things” to impact local communities by developing ideas and prototyping solutions to challenges posed by the Atlanta business, education, government and nonprofit community. The program will coordinate collaboration between local high school students and Georgia State students, including Perimeter College students, to develop digital solutions to the challenges of urban communities, while helping students prepare for future careers. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Work on challenges and meet professionals from Atlanta organizations like City of Atlanta, Generation Infocus, Johnson Research and Development, Resolute Building Intelligence, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) and more.


Program Schedule

  • January 20, 2018: Spring Sprints #1 (Team Leads)
  • February 23, 2018: Program Kickoff
  • February 24, 2018: Spring Sprints #2 (Leaders and Learners)
  • March 3, 2018: Spring Sprints #3 (Leaders and Learners)
  • March 24, 2018 : Annual Program Challenge

Important Application Dates

  • November 19, 2017: Digital Leaders Applications Due
  • November 27 -28, 2017: Digital Leaders Interviews
  • January 16, 2018 : Digital Learners Applications Due

Digital Leaders

Develop Academic and Interpersonal Success as a Digital Leader

Lead groups of peers, while developing and enhancing your skillsets for future employment.

The Digital Learner to Leaders program gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to future employers your digital skillsets. Participating in the program sets you apart and sets you up for academic and interpersonal success.

Students in woodruff park
  • Lead teams of peers to create solutions to the challenges facing urban communities.
  • Explore real challenges posed by Atlanta’s education, business, government and non-profit community.
  • Grow your digital skills and develop your portfolio through workshops, online activities, mobile makerspaces, summer camps, and internships.
  • Explore technology with a diverse group of technology professionals, while expanding your academic achievement beyond the classroom and developing your leadership skills.

The deadline to apply to be a team lead has passed for this semester.

Digital Learners

Help Create Innovative Solutions for Challenges

Develop and apply digital skills beyond the classroom, learn problem solving skills, and gain professional exposure.


Georgia State’s Digital Learners to Leaders program provides professional development opportunities to Georgia State students, seeking both four-year and two-year degrees, including Perimeter College.

  • Work with a team of students from across degrees to create solutions to challenges, issued by leading Atlanta companies, government and nonprofit organizations, using Digitization and the Internet of Things.
  • Gain exposure to peer mentorship, career and digital skills development, and find out about potential summer internships with community partners.
  • The program is open to students seeking undergraduate four-year and two-year degrees at Georgia State University, including Perimeter College, who are enrolled at least half time.

The deadline to apply for the leaders to learner program has passed. 

Digital Partners

Georgia State’s Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) was recently awarded a Digital Economy Initiative grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in collaboration with Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility. CETL coordinates the Digital Learners to Leaders program, a three-year program that will encourage students to use digitization and the “Internet of Things” to create solutions for the challenges facing urban communities.

Visit the IIT Site

Become a Part of Our Community

We are looking for a diverse group of partners from the Atlanta business, education, government and nonprofit community, to provide meaningful and lasting experiences for our digital learners. Through the Digital Learners to Leaders corporate partnership, we are seeking an 8-10 hour commitment from subject matter experts. Our goal is to recruit a diverse group of professionals that reflect GSU’s diverse student population.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Student Internships: Sponsor summer internships for members of a winning team.

  • Career Development: Provide talks and presentations with examples of interesting and challenging aspects of professional life to inform and inspire program participants.

  • Annual Challenge: Issue a challenge that encourages students to use digitization or the Internet of Things to create solutions for challenges often found in urban areas.

  • Sprints: A series of Sprints will be offered throughout the challenge year. The Sprints will teach, inspire and challenge team members, while strengthening their advanced technology and digital skills. GSU’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will develop curriculum & materials for Sprints in coordination with you as a subject matter expert to ensure that practical and business specific issues are explored.

  • Summer Camp: Digital Learners to Leaders will invite 60 high school students to GSU for a 3-day summer camp. The program offers 3 project based summer Sprint Sessions, allowing high school students who have had limited access to computers and other technologies the opportunity to participate along with those who have more advanced digital skills.

For more information on how to partner with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning on this initiative, contact Jackie Slaton, [email protected] or Tiffany Green Abdullah, [email protected]