Summary of Georgia State University Cyberinfrastructure Plan

Grant solicitations from national funding agencies require documentation of enterprise research computing and cyberinfrastructure to ensure that researchers have the tools and support they need to perform the proposed research studies.

Summary of Georgia State University Cyberinfrastructure Plan

Building relationships with a wide ecosystem of partners, technology, and researchers is important for Georgia State University to expand its innovative improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, research, and technology, while increasing security and compliance.

Georgia State University is developing and deploying a hybrid cloud and data-centric cyberinfrastructure in support of the institution’s learning, research, and outreach missions. Georgia State University is shifting from an enterprise and on-prem cyberinfrastructure towards a hybrid focus cyberinfrastructure to benefit from self-service, compliant solutions and diverse partners including cloud vendors.

One of Georgia State University’s goals is to enable researchers to work and collaborate from anywhere while improving security, productivity, and compliance. This “eResearch” focus includes grants, collaboration, data-intensive activity, grid-computing, cloud computing, and open data.

One of the key challenges and focuses is to enable non-traditional researchers, students, and staff members to benefit from cloud solutions to HPC resources while reducing the learning curve.

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