A Single Resource for Exploring Innovative Ideas & Technology

Posted On July 7, 2014

Contributing Authors: Julian Allen and George Pullman, Co-Directors of the Center for Instructional Innovation

In June, the Center for Instructional Innovation and The Exchange merged. This post, written by the co-directors of the combined unit, explains how merging the two units ensures faculty have an integrated support resource for providing innovative instruction through the application of inventive, evidence-based practice and leading-edge technology.

The new Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) reflects a growing university focus on exploring ways to meet student needs through tools and practices that can reach out to more students, more easily and in more meaningful ways.

The CII is a single starting point for exploring innovative ideas and obtaining the knowledge and skills required to put innovation into production. We will work with faculty on opportunities related to pedagogical models, classroom design, and technology training, and will offer a growing suite of e-learning tools to the campus.

Whether you are interested in innovating your teaching practices, co-developing e-books, using lecture capture to stream classes, creating Kahn Academy-style screencasts to explain problem sets to students outside of class time, or otherwise offering students supplemental materials, the Center for Instructional Innovation has the resources, equipment, facilities, and people to help you put your ideas into practice.

The new temporary headquarters of the CII is in room 106 of Library South, in the facility known as the Exchange. Come by to…

  • Develop a Flipped Classroom model
  • Create e-Textbooks
  • Convert your course to an online course
  • Design learning strategies for mobile devices
  • Take home cutting-edge hardware and software, including laptops with Adobe Creative Cloud, video cameras and microphones
  • Obtain classroom technology kits for you and your students
  • Customize technology training for your students
  • …or let us know how else we can assist you.

We are excited to partner with you by providing knowledge and material support, including course tools, equipment, and staff to help you develop research projects that lead to measurable student outcomes. We can also help you promote your discoveries to the wider community.

If you have an idea to increase student learning by teaching more effectively and efficiently, we are here to help you.

Julian Allen,
Co-Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation
George Pullman,
Co-Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation